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Photo Hint #1: Don't have any spaces in your file name - create a copy with a one word file name (or rename your photo) so there are no spaces in your file name. Otherwise your image may not display.

Photo Hint #2: To insert an image in editing mode after clicking on the tree...once an image is uploaded, place click where you want the image and then double click the image from the library on the right. If you click and drag, only a thumbnail gets inserted instead of the full image.

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Hey! I know some of you besides Cindy and I have been on here now, but I don't see ANY evidence of playing yet!

animated-horse.gifSome horsin' around... and here's Kathryn horsin' around at her Middle School Equestrian Meet.

Okay... lets try this... I couldn't figure out how to edit and then I realzed I hadn't accepted the invitation to the space! Duh! Here's my favorite puppet... Mariana la llama. My third graders love her! (Lynn)
Mariana la llama is very cute - are you sure she isn't an alpaca? On second glance, with that straight coat, definitely llama! <grins - ckendall ckendall, who is headed to Peru on Tuesday, June 13 - read the travelblog which ideally will have live updates if I can get to an internet café regularly>

Ohhh, I can see why they like her. She is adorable! (Cherice)

who is headed to Peru? Wow, I would love to go there! I played around in here, but it did alarm me that I could erase whatever else was in here...so I beat a hasty retreat. -Brandee

Did you all find the Recent Changes page? You can see what pages have had recent updates and by who, and if you click on the Switch to Discussions link you can see the discussion pages that have been recently changed, too.

You can type three tildes (~) to automatically insert your username and avatar - that is how I sign my post like this - ckendall ckendall



So I inserted this table here so you can practice adding and deleting rows and columns. To insert, click the arrow that is pointing in the direction where you want a new row or column to appear. To delete, put your cursor in the cell you want to delete, then click the X. Cherice - chericem1 chericem1 FYI, I don't see arrows related to building tables. Must be a browser specific thing? - ckendall ckendall