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Blogs and RSS in Education is a great resource for educators published and maintained by Will Richardson. RSS is the mechanism to "push" content, and that content can be organized by your browser, your email software, or a third party website such as Bloglines or Google Reader.

2 Cents Worth blog by David Warlick, with ponderings about technology in education

News Sites

Broadcast Live - Broadcast media searchable by country, language, media, etc.

Newsmap - A concept map of current news that uses size, color, and position to indicate the relative "strength" of the stories. Be sure to note the country tabs at the top of the page. It is interesting to compare the kind of coverage various stories are getting in newspapers from different countries.


Creating an enhanced podcast for Apple and PC may be a good starting point.

GarageBand 3: Creating an Enhanced Podcast is a helpful screencast (online tutorial with video). Additional videotutorials for Mac are available.

Submit your podcast to iTunes

Who's Using Podcasting in Education and How contains sites gathered by the folks at Fordham University


Google Alerts will email you the results of your specified search terms

Things to Explore

Photography as a Weapon - Interesting article from the NY Times re: visual cognition



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