Essential (Guiding) Questions

  • If you were a virus, how would you spread?
  • If you were a seed, how would you ensure the survival of your species?
  • How might we identify concepts and principles that are critical to the survival and growth of the profession and disseminate them in "viral" ways that will ensure that they can take root, grow, and flourish throughout the profession?
  • How does each bit of advertising you encounter attempt to capture and hold your attention?
  • What implications do the questions listed above have for leaders of professional organizations who are trying to initiate, implement, and sustain change?


How These 10 Marketing Campaigns Became Viral Hits

Advertising, Business, & Marketing

Advertising - Cherice's most recent bookmarks on the topic

Business - Cherice's most recent bookmarks on the topic

Dave Werner's Portfolio 2006 - An outstanding example of the powerful effects lof ayering aesthetic, conceptual, emotional, intellectual, and visual elements using mixed media. Notice how he uses the whole experience to teach viewers who he is and what he has to offer in terms of services

Marketing - Cherice's most recent bookmarks on the topic

Masterpiece or Ad? - Famous works of art mixed in with ads. Can you tell the difference?

Viral Marketing

A Lesson in Viral Video - The story of The Computer is Us/ing Us viral video.

Viral Blog Marketing: Part One of the Virus Blog Series

Viral Marketing - Cherice's most recent bookmarks on the topic

Viral Marketing 101

What Makes an Idea Viral

Viral Videos

Bic Goes Viral With Students - French

Cat Herding - A super video for discussing the complexities of leadership

FunnyFox- European Audience

Germ - Image, Interactive, & Video Virals

Honda Accord Ad - Took 605 takes to make this

Introducing Le Book - A great video that helps us to recontextualize emerging technologies in the context of things that are familiar to us. Here's another version that will help you to think more carefully about multiple literacies as you watch

JCPenney Music Box Commercial - Note the way in which the images, music, lyrics, and movement work together to create the emotionally engaging message (Click on the "Watch the Commercial" link at the top of the page to see the commercial.)

The Machine is Us/ing Us - A fabulous video created by an anthropologist from Kansas State University that explains how emerging technologies are changing culture, society, and each of us!

Numa Numa - Why did something so simple get over one million hits?

Orchestrating Mixed-Media Art with Mentos - A viral video that displays what can happen when one mixes images, sound, chemistry, and creativity.

Running with the Squirrels - A good example of how an artist can use allusions and prior knowledge to create ironic effects.

Shift Happens - Uses statistics to paint a picture of the implications that globalization and the spread of emerging technologies have for education

Simpsons Real Life Intro - Viral Video (See this version compared to the cartoon here )

Washing Machine Poetry - Amazing!

Alternative Approaches to Marketing

Bold Moves - Ford Uses Interactive Technologies to Transform Its Relationship with Customers
Lovemarks - A New Way to Evaluate Quality
Marketers Need to Listen to Blogs
Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners' Guide - Tips and very cool tools for monitoring information related to your interests (especially for businesses)
Ten Rules to Make Ads Magical - Super set of extremely thoughtful articles that combine emerging tech trends with savvy marketing principles to provide powerful perspectives on change, marketing, and a host of other topics. Much of this is extremely applicable to education.
Top 10 Portals - Nielsen Ratings for Online Marketing


Bling My Sid - Ice Age 2
Calucci The Game- The Article, The Game - Mystery Adventure Game
Cisco - Online Advergame Played Via Cell Phone (May cost money to play)
Toyota Yaris

Cell Phones

(2006, April 29). The future of advertising: Cell phones. Currants. Retrieved November 14, 2006, from

Combination Approaches to Marketing

Chaotic Trading Card Revolution - An incredibly powerful marketing campaign that combines multiple media--trading card games, handheld gadgets, online videogames, and a Saturday cartoon. Kids can buy the cards, "scan" the alphanumeric codes on the cards into their computers, and thus develop an online "deck" of playing cards that can be used to play the game in real life or online. The cartoon has a strong storyline that shows kids having adventures in the game and draws o n comic book techniques in the animation, thus appealing to kids who enjoy graphic novels. A classic example of how reality and virtuality are blurring (or at least blending) in multiple ways!

Interactive Virals

Make a Snowflake
Make Your Own Bush Speech
Mona Lisa Makeovers
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Language & Marketing

Apples "Get a Mac" campaign goes international. Trevor's Bike Shed. Retrieved November 14, 2006, from“get-a-mac”-campaign-goes-international/ - Great for discussing how companies attend (or don't) to the cultural components of marketing.

Metaphors & Recontextualization

Adbusters - A site dedicated to a critical examination of advertising that includes spoofs of various alcohol, fashion, food, and tobacco ads, flash animations, interactive tools, and other resources. After viewing samples of the fashion and food ad spoofs, students could write their own! Be sure to note the country-specific resources for Australia, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden, & Italy!
Washing Machine Poetry

Peephole Marketing

The Pizza "Voyeur"

Public Service Announcements

Ad Council - Click on the links on the left to view a variety of ads. -
Google Image Search - Public Service Announcements
Spotanatomy - An Italian advertising blog that contains several public service-type ads


AdFlip - An extensive database of classic print ads that can be searched by category, magazine, popularity, etc.

Advertising & Material Culture History - Links to exhibits and artifacts related to the history of advertising

How Beauty is Made - A great video for helping girls to take a more critical look at the messages that the media sends them about beauty The Museum of Mid-Century Illustration - A collection of mid-century American ads for decor, food, and various forms of transportation, among other things.


On a Screen Near You . . . - Trailers for Novels


Appliance Design - This company now produces a digital edition of its monthly magazine. Be sure to turn your sound on, then "turn" the page. Also, play with the buttons at the top of the page (especially Tools and Links)!

Mobizines While You Wait for the Bus - Magazines for Cell Phones

Advertising Design How-Tos

Other Links