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Sample Films

  • Hans - A cute, one-minute video about the daily routine of someone's pet woodlouse. This could serve as a great model for a student project that would work well for practicing reflexive verbs.
  • Historia de un letrero - Beautiful, 4-min. video in Spanish about shifts in perspective, charity, compassion, homelessness, etc. (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Just Change Point of View - A one-minute video about how looking at the world from a different angle changes what it is possible to see. This video does a good job of using music and camera angles to help communicate its message.
  • Mad World - Children dressed in black create a variety of "animated" sidewalk "drawings" that the speaker of the song views from a rooftop
  • Le Grand Content - A short, fascinating video that relies on associative, conceptual thinking that is carefully sequenced and represented via a sequence of images toproduce powerful social commentary.
  • Man vs. Magnet - Quid Pro Quo - A cooperative, surrealistic endeavor where one artist picks up the threads of another's work and attempts to weave them in to his or her own interpretation.
  • Move - One-minute video created by a man who traveled 38,000 miles across 11 countries over 44 days.

  • My Hero Project - This website will connect you with links to assignment sheets and onlines resources that you can use to help students explore film genres for telling hero stories. Options include creating animated shorts, documentary shorts, experimental shorts, and narrative shorts.
  • 2005 My Hero Short Film Festival - This site will take you to a selection of documentary shorts created by students and their teachers that highlight the heroic actions of children from around the world.
  • One Minute - A one-minute video about the importance of using time wisely.
  • One Minutes Jr. RTE - A collection of one-minute videos in a variety of languages from countries around the world made by students ages 12-20. These can be accessed by category, by country, or by topic. They should be previewed prior to use in the classroom as the content of several is highly inappropriate for classroom use. A great source of culturally authentic perspectives.
  • Silver Bells & Golden Spurs: A Movie Made in Second Life - Excellent example of machinima (based on a poem)
  • Timelapse Movies - This filmmaker uses timelapse techniques to film daily scenes and routines.
  • Video Vitamins - Although the videos themselves are not particularly compelling, the idea could serve as a wonderful foundation for student projects.
  • Waiting on the World to Change -
  • Washing Machine Poetry - Incredible
  • What Inspires Me - What happens when you combine text, images, music, and movement? Michael Goldstein's Stun Media will give you a taste.


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This article provides useful insight into editing techniques that can be used to alter the drama, intensity, and pacing of a film.

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This short article is especially helpful in describing key considerations when composing in mixed media.

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The parallels between the process of preparing to shoot a documentary described in this article and lesson planning are uncanny.

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  • Cell Flix Festival - Online film festival for one-minute movies made with cell phones
  • Media History Project Connections Pages - The Movies and Television icons will take you to lists of links related to the history of those media.
  • Teach with Movies Index - This film index can be accessed in a variety of ways, including by age appropriateness, character development topic, subject matter, and title. Although access to the lesson plans on this site is by subscription only, the indices themselves are especially helpful in identifying potential material for classroom use. The World History/Other Cultures section will be most useful to language teachers.
  • The Director's Cut - Project from Canada that encourages kids to get involved in filmmaking
  • Teaching with Video - Excellent presentation with links re: watching and creating videos in education - many subject-specific examples


Find Movies

Make Movies

  • Animoto - Upload images and the software will analyze them, suggest music, and remix them to create an interesting video collage that you can share with others

  • BubblePLY - Allows you to add speech and thought bubbles to any online video. Great for drawing students' attention to specific features of a video clip, for encouraging them to use their language skills to comment on the content of the video by having them insert them

  • Comeeko - Allows you to drag and drop photos and text to tell stories in a comic book format

  • Dandelife - Allows you to mashup blogs, photos, videos . . . produces a really interesting chronological, visual timeline of your posts

  • Jumpcut - Allows free, online video editing

  • Mojiti - Similar to Bubbleply, but appears to be much more sophisticated . . . allowing you to add images and animations in conjunction with pop-up bubbles to video content

  • OurStory - FANTASTIC - upload text, photos, and videos into a simple interface to produce a chronologically sequenced timeline. Can collaborate with others, customize, and share. Choose a type of album, answer questions, it generates for you

  • Slidestory - Allows you to overlay audio narration onto a slideshow

  • Viddler - Allows you to upload up to 500 MB of video directly from the camera to the website, insert timed comments, tags, and share with others

  • VoiceThread - Easy way to connect photos and voices--particularly useful for emphasizing language without ignoring visual (in FL classes, for example). Would also be great for capturing family history

See also: Digital Storytelling - This link will take you to an extensive collection of examples and resources that I have compiled on another wiki - chericem1 chericem1