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Botero, Fernando

Fernando Botero
This site contains links to numerous on-line resources and photos of Botero’s work.

Dalí, Salvador

Animation Art Conservation: The Destiny of Dalí's Destino
This site contains quality information and images from Dalí's Destino.

Animation World News - December 1999
Information about why Dalís Destino was never finished.

A fabulous, searchable site filled with articles, images, and information on numerous artists and styles of art.

The Big Cartoon Database: Destino
Information on Destino, including a synopsis, information on the cast/crew, and production notes.

Carniverous Moon
The artist on this site combines a cartoon-like style with Dalí-like images. Consequently, this site might provide a stimulus for some potential follow-up assignments that art teachers could give to students.

Destino: It's surreal-Disney-Dalí film that took 56 years to finish
A great article on the Disney-Dalí collaboration that includes information on the history of the project, the techniques that were used, and selected images from the project.

The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts
This page contains commentary on Destino from people who viewed it at various film festivals, images from the film, and additional information.

The Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

This page is available in English, French, and Chinese, and offers loads of cultural information, news on current events, and even some entertaining video clips of interviews in French with people like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Victor Hugo, and Coco Chanel.

NPR: Dalí's Disney Film
Two video clips from Dalí's Destino, the short film that he began in collaboration with Walt Disney.

Salvador Dalí
This page contains a virtual exhibition of the work of Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dalí Galleries
This page will take you to tons of images of the work of Dalí, organized by media (paintings, watercolors, posters, etc.). The site also includes information on Surrealism.
This site contains extensive information on the collaborative work between Disney and Dalí, including obituaries for John Hench (who also collaborated on the project), information on the awards and honors the film received, a couple of links to Dalí museums, and a quality list of links to additional articles and information.

The Straight Dope - Did Disney and Dali collaborate on a film?
Useful information that answers the question in the title.

Symphony in 3-D: Disney, Dalí, Destino
This page contains a short article on the Destino project.


Virtual Exposition of Goya
This page contains links to a virtual exposition of Goya’s work.


El Greco
This site contains information on El Greco.

Kahlo, Frida

The Original Frida Kahlo Home Page
This attractive page contains information about various aspects of Kahlo’s life in English.

Picasso, Pablo

Entrevista Picasso
A lengthy interview with Picasso in Spanish, accompanied by photos.

The Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
This page is available in English, French, and Chinese, and offers loads of cultural information, news on current events, and even some entertaining video clips of interviews in French with people like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Victor Hugo, and Coco Chanel.

Picasso and Portraiture
Contains links to an on-line exhibition of Picasso’s portraiture.

Rivera, Diego

Diego Rivera
This site contains information on the Mexican muralist movement and includes thumbnail sketches of a variety of works by Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros.

Diego Rivera Virtual Museum
This site contains a virtual exhibition of Rivera’s work.

Wood, Grant

The Story of the American Gothic
This site contains a brief history of American Gothic, accompanied by a 9-year-old girl’s artistic interpretation of the piece.

American Gothic Emblem - Home of Grant Wood’s American Gothic House
Information on, a photo of, and a map to the house that appears in American Gothic.

American Gothic Parodies
Pages and pages of images of parodies of American Gothic, including Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy, covers from magazines (such as Life, Total Health, and Mad), stills from television shows and movies, and greeting cards.

Art Collections & Images

Digitale Kunst, Abstrakt (Image)
A site in German containing beautiful, computer-generated abstract images, fractal patterns, and photography by Karin Kuhlmann.

Gallup Management Journal
The pages of this journal are filled with phenomenal examples of innovative conceptual and graphic design.

Jim’s Fine Art Collection
This site provides access to thumbnails of works by famous artists from numerous countries.

Mark Harden's Artchive
This site will take you to links to information and sites related to baroque, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, photography, pop art, post-impressionism, Spanish art, surrealism, and a host of other art-related topics. The downside is that it has turned a little commercial (i.e. pop-up ads).

World Wide Arts Resources
A searchable index of art resources, that can be accessed alphabetically by author's last name, by nationality, by century, or by style.

Yahoo—Searchable Index of Artists
A searchable index of artists.

Art-related Lesson Plans & Resources

A Lifetime of Color
This site includes online, interactive games for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students that teach various art concepts and principles, along with teacher resources.

ArtsEdge Subject Area Resources
This page contains links to a variety of interdisciplinary lessons which incorporate arts-based activities grounded in authentic Japanese, Russian, and Spanish culture.

Glencoe: Galería de arte y vida
This site will take you to a list of quality, arts-based web resources for Spanish students. Although they are organized topically based on the chapters in the Glencoe book, Galería de arte y vida, you will find that most of the art-related topics you might like to cover are represented.

This page contains an explanation of the HypArt Project, directions for becoming a participant, links to completed projects, and links to other collaboration art projects, art-related servers, and on-line, art-related discussion lists.

The Incredible Art Department
This page contains links to a variety of high school art lessons. Sample titles include: Black/White Challenge, Too-Loose Posters, Art Criticism and Sculpture Problem Solving, Fresco Paintings Workshop, Eating Fruit, Creative Problem Solving, Hand made Clay Molds & Paper, Watercolor Pen & Ink, Cool Flip Books, Color Mixing, Finding Your Feelings, The Critical Internet, Gesture Drawings, Tree Design Drawing, Funktafing Furniture, Progressive Drawing, Glass Drawing, Pipe Project, Symbols with Letters and Images, and The Chair Project.

The Incredible Art Department—Integration of Art and Drama
This site contains links to seven lessons which integrate the study of art with the study of drama. Lessons include: Italian Renaissance Art—Filippo Brunelleschi, Italian Renaissance Art—Leonardo Da Vinci, Impressionism—Vincent Van Gogh, Impressionism—Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Post-Impressionism—Henri Matisse, and Indiana Artists 1880-1905—T.C. Steele, John Adams, William Forsyth, Otto Stark, and Wayman Adams.

The Indigenous Global Art Project
Teachers and indigenous students from 19 schools across four continents collaborated to share traditional art and stories from their cultures.

Rhythm in Visual Arts & Music
This page contains links to tons of activities that combine the use of music and rhythm with art.

Teaching Spanish Art
Information from a three-part posting to FLTEACH containing detailed suggestions for a unit on Spanish-speaking artists.

Teaching Spanish Art – Continued
The continuation of a three-part posting to FLTEACH containing detailed suggestions for a unit on Spanish-speaking artists.

Teaching Spanish Art – Continued, Picasso
The conclusion of a three-part posting to FLTEACH containing detailed suggestions for a unit on Spanish-speaking artists.

Working List of Art Sites
A list of art-related URLs compiled from FLTEACH.

Art-related Quotations
A collection of quotes by artists organized by artists' last names. Also contains collections of quotes by businessmen, entertainers, etc.

Country-specific Art

Amigo Mexico Art . . .
This page contains links to a variety of art sites as well as other sites related to the culture of Mexico.

Art and Life in Africa
Online articles, art work, audio clips, photographs, and streaming video.

Maestros del arte popular
This site contains information related to the artesanry of Mexico.

Genres in Art

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
This page contains links to photos and images of graffiti art, shows and events, information and resources, and other art sites.

Museums & Galleries

Base Joconde: Catalogue des collections des musees de France
Explore collections held in various museums throughout France. Themes include armaments, ceramics, games, hats and hairstyles, the middle ages, Picasso, portraits from the 16th Century, prehistoric beasts, publicity, sports.

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí
This page, available in Catalán, English, French, and Spanish, links to virtual tours of three different Dalí museums.

Guggenheim Bilbao
This site contains links to past, current, and future exhibitions (complete with printable guides that can be downloaded in .pdf format), information about the building, and a section entitled, Learning Through Art, that contains information on cultural exchanges and paragraph-long descriptions of instructional units.

Museé national des beaux-arts du Québec
This site in French contains links to exhibitions, activities, and a great collection of interactive games.

Museos en México
This phenomenal site contains links to museums of abstract art, anthropology, automobiles, birds, butterflies, contemporary art, deserts, ecology, glass, history, light, railroads, stamps, watercolors, and children's museums in México.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
This site contains links to information (available in Spanish or English) and photos of current exhibitions—many of which can be viewed as virtual tours.

MUVA: Museo Virtual de Artes el País
This 3-D virtual reality museum can be toured using just your mouse!

National Gallery of Art
The title says it all!

Thirty Museum Links
This page contains links to thirty different museums.

Pavement Art

Julian Beever has produced a number of different kinds of pavement art (anamorphic illusions--distorted drawings designed to produce the perception that one is viewing 3 dimensions), including renderings of old masters, advertisements for various companies, etc. This web site will tell you a bit more about his work (and includes the drawings that I sent you earlier this morning): The links are worth exploring and might give you even more neat ideas for assignments. Be sure to click on the Wall Murals link. (I also thought the collages of Princess Diana made out of photos of her were a neat idea.)
For those of you who are interested in pursuing this a little deeper, pavement art is a form of busking and, in large cities, a busking permit is generally required in order to create pavement art. The Buskers and Busking Resources site might be of interest to students taking drama, vocal music, and instrumental music: Here is another site that might be helpful to that same group:
Some additional resources for those interested in pavement art appear below.

Pavement Art
This page has a couple of photos of pavement art that appear to have been done by high school students in Europe. However, click around on this site. There are some super interesting assignment ideas here. (I know that some of you are already doing some of these, but I think some of them might also be new to you.)

Pavement Art Cartoons
This page contains a couple of cartoons that might make fun attention grabbers for introducing pavement art. (Beware-these images are copyrighted!)

Pavement Artist Chalks up Fame by E-mail
An article about a pavement artist.

Re: Chalk Pavement Art - Help Please
This is a series of messages from the archives of some listserv that talk about the materials and techniques used to create pavement art. The last couple of follow-up responses might be particularly helpful to you if you decide to try this with your students.
These links will take you to additional examples of pavement art-some better than others. - News Archive

I Madonnari's Pavement Drawings

Karen Mortillaro Website
This page is only tangentially related (in that it talks about anamorphic illusions).

Kurt Wenner - Master Street Painter

Pavement Art by John Singer Sargeant

Pavement Art Gallery

Ulla's Artwork

These links will take you to photos of single works of pavement art.

Street Pavement Art

Mandy Schmidt Pavement Drawings

Postcards from Ann Arbor

Neo heny
There are a couple of examples of pavement art on this page, but you'll have to look for the ones that say "pavement art" in their captions.


A searchable archive of over 1,600 photos that links to additional resources for students and educators, including a curriculum guide and various online exhibits.